Why Waiting Too Long To Fill A Cavity Is A Bad Idea

In most cases, tooth decay is inevitable even after trying your best to prevent it. Tooth decay leads to the formation of a cavity that requires urgent dental care. However, it can be tempting to postpone the treatment when you are not feeling pain. It is important to understand how to get rid of cavity pain , even if it is minor, can quickly become a serious problem that can be painful and costly to treat.

The early stages of tooth decay

Tooth decay is hard to notice in the early stages says Jim from http://dentistsantaclarita.com. Tooth decay occurs when the bacteria accumulate on your teeth and feed on sugars in the food and create acids. These acids slowly dissolve the enamel of your teeth thus forming a cavity. If not treated at this stage, the decay will find its way to all layers of your tooth.

Symptoms of tooth decay

It is hard to notice the pain until the tooth decay spreads into the dentin layer. This layer consists of tiny nerve endings that cause sensitivity when exposed to cold, hot, sweet and sour foods. In this case, you will feel discomfort when biting food. As the tooth decay continues, the pain will be more frequent and intense.

The decay will eventually spread to the pulp of your tooth, which contains most nerves and blood vessels. At this point, the pain will become persistent and will not allow you to sleep. Moreover, you will experience severe symptoms that include facial swelling, fever and bad taste in your mouth. The pain can be more severe when the infection spreads into the jawbone.

Tooth cavity treatment

Visiting the dentist,  like Dental SCV, early is necessary for treating the cavity before it becomes serious. At this point, the dentist will fill the cavity and prevent further cavity toothache. A small cavity is repaired by filling with amalgam or tooth-colored resin. However, if the tooth has lost its structure, the dentist will be compelled to do a crown. The crown will restore the shape of the tooth but it more expensive than simple filling.

The further decay may lead to an abscessed tooth, which is the worst-case scenario as treatment options are limited. At this point, you can opt for an extraction or root canal treatment. However, the root canal treatment can lead to more brittle teeth that can break easily.


At this point, you know why waiting too long to fill a cavity is a bad idea? The more you avoid booking an appointment with a dentist, the more pain you will endure and treatment expenses. Therefore, it is crucial to visit the dentist at the first signs of a toothache.

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